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Call to Action for Human Trafficking — S 1301

Allies exists to be a network and platform for activism that sustains community involvement in the anti-trafficking movement.


TVPRA – The Trafficking Victims Protection Reathorization Act, enacted in 2000, expired Sept 30, 2011. Both the Senate & House have let this important legislation in the fight against modern-day slavery lapse. The House bill is mired in partisan politics, but the Senate bill, S.1301, now has 42 co-sponsors. If we can obtain 50 co-sponsors (only 8 more to go) then it could easily pass a Senate floor vote. Read more about the HISTORY and CURRENT STATUS of the TVPRA (s. 1301).

Below are some of the provisions included in S. 1301 that would better protect victims:
Create programs to help foreign governments investigate labor recruitment centers where trafficking victims may be recruited;
Encourage the distribution and posting of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline number within federal agencies as well as by states;
Create programs to assist minor victims of sex trafficking through grant programs to states; and
Prohibit the provision of peacekeeping operation funds to countries that use child soldiers.
It is of the utmost importance that this bill gets passed to maintain the standards established in 2000!

Calls are the best way to contact Senator Cornyn and Senator Hutchison! You can call more than once, and every call or voicemail is logged.

Call Script:
“Hello, My name is ________ and I am calling from _______[zip code]. I would like to ask Senator Cornyn / Senator Hutchison to co-sponsor the TVPRA (S.1301).

Do you know the Senator’s position on human trafficking? I would like someone from your office to follow up with me with the Senator’s response. I can be reached at __________ or via e-mail at _________. Thank you.”

Here is how you contact them:
Senator John Cornyn: Austin- 512-469-6034 or Washington DC 202-224-2934
Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison: Austin- 512-916-5834 or Washington DC 202-224-5922

Leaving a message is effective since all calls are logged by issue and recapped daily to the Senator. If the Senator’s DC voice mailbox is full, please call the local office phone number.


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