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Decriminalization in Kansas

Topeka, Kansas Decriminalizes Domestic Violence

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Yes, really.  Domestic violence is no longer a crime in the city of Topeka.  And – like so many bizarre and dangerous decisions being made around the country these days – it’s because of the budget.

Topeka’s city council found itself unable to come up with the money to prosecute those charged with domestic violence, a budget shortfall of about $1 million for the upcoming year. 

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Dani - I can't agree more! It is a huge difference. I know that a group of us got mad and furious from a local Survivor Voices group and through the Domestic Violence Voices (found on fb) supported and challenged this through a petition through I'm not sure of the final income though, are you? Is it still decriminalized, or did the DA finally give in and buckled down on these cases? I'm currently working on a National DV Survivor Law Project ( and would love to know if you have an update on this. :)


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