Making changes in national law to protect victim/survivors of domestic violence!

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How far CAN we go?

How far CAN we go?

It’s worth a shot to try to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. We appreciate any and all assistance that you can provide us in sharing effective domestic violence laws on this site that are unique to your state.

Contact me, if you are interested in sharing articles on this blogsite about your laws, sharing your survivor story on here or on my radio show called BEYOND WORDS LIVE (, and or would like to share some additional resources that may help domestic violence victims and survivors. :)

Look forward to working with you… to help save as many lives as we can!!

Are you an avid blogger with a passion for domestic violence justice?

We had a meeting  last night with some contributing authors.  Still looking for more though. 

If you have a passion for domestic violence cause, especially if you are a survivor yourself, contact me and let me know.  When you contact me, please let me know your background and experience (…and I’ll send you more information and details. :)


Have a great day!!


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