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Redbook is Seeking Survivor Stories!

A Message from NRCDV:

Redbook Magazine has reached out to the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence (NRCDV) and other allied national organizations for support in the development of an online video support/awareness campaign featuring the stories of domestic violence survivors. The project will share the stories of survivors of dating/domestic violence in an effort to bring visibility to the issue, help break the silence and shame, and promote collective strength among survivors. Redbook did a similar campaign last year on the topic of infertility called “The Truth About Trying” that you can view here:

Redbook has asked the NRCDV to help gather a list of survivors who may be interested in sharing their stories for this project. The process itself is simple: survivors would upload their own short videos using a set of very accessible directions. All survivors will need is an internet connection and a camera or smart phone capable of recording a video.

Interested survivors should please respond with their name, contact information, and a brief bio that provides a quick synopsis of your background and experience. This information will be forwarded to our contact at Redbook for consideration. Please reply to: Kenya Fairley at by Wednesday, April 25th.

Redbook has stressed the importance of including diverse experiences from survivors (and survivor allies!) of various age groups and backgrounds: long-term relationships, teen relationships, same-sex relationships, trans survivors, children exposed, and sisters, brothers, or parents of victims, etc.

Of course, safety is a priority. Redbook has options available for survivors requesting anonymity, for example: filming their hands or other less-identifying features. For guidance and considerations related to sharing your story, please see the NRCDV’s “From the Front of the Room: A Survivor’s Guide to Public Speaking” at

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enforcing victims rights

on: January 19, 2012, 22:59

I am looking for any help on educating law enforcement on victim’s rights and ensuring that victims are made aware of their rights at the time of the crime. In the area I am in the only one helping victims is the victim coordinator at the DA’s office. The problem is that cases are not coming in front of victim coordinator at the DA’s office until the case is close to trial. In many cases that is months if not over a year after the crime has occurred. That is too long for victims to wait to learn of Crime Victims Compensation and other rights they are allowed by law. How can I go about ensuring that victims in my community are made aware of their rights and the services available to them at the time of the crime?

Chapter 56 article 56.04 section c of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure states that “Each local law enforcement agency shall designate one person to serve as the agency’s crime victim liasion” the article goes on to state what duties that person is to fufill. If it is mandated by law that law enforcement has this why is it not being enforced?

Last year I was thrust into the judicial system after the murder of my son. It was in the aftermath of that tragedy that I began to learn that victims of crime are routinely not afforded their rights. I have made it my goal to change that. As a victim I am moving forward trying to ensure that future victims will no longer be met with indifference by law enforcement.

via Ask An Advocate » Open / General Forum » Open / General Forum » enforcing victims rights | Crime Victims First.

via Ask An Advocate » Open / General Forum » Open / General Forum » enforcing victims rights | Crime Victims First.

How far CAN we go?

How far CAN we go?

It’s worth a shot to try to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. We appreciate any and all assistance that you can provide us in sharing effective domestic violence laws on this site that are unique to your state.

Contact me, if you are interested in sharing articles on this blogsite about your laws, sharing your survivor story on here or on my radio show called BEYOND WORDS LIVE (, and or would like to share some additional resources that may help domestic violence victims and survivors. :)

Look forward to working with you… to help save as many lives as we can!!

Educating Children to be Safe…

I have ran across this article about an author’s book to help educating children to be safe. What do you think?Friend Manual: A Voice for Children

Do you believe that this is an effective way to communicate to your children how to be safe? Is it too much information, too little, or just right?

Would you include more?

Would you create a law that requires more education to be done with our children, and at what age would you make that law for? At birth on up? 1 and up? 2 and up? 3 and up? 4 and up? 5 and up? etc.

Do you know at what ages your children are taught about safety in your schools?

What age have you taught your children how to be safe and/or what to do when danger is present?

Would love your insights, opinions, and more. :) )


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